A Mother, left arm around a bag of groceries… right hand holding the left hand of her 4 year old son… waiting at the curb… father / husband in a holding pattern, circling the block around the grocery store… there’s never any parking…

A group of thugs approach…


The Mother, wide-eyed, terrified.

The son, knowing something’s not right, but no real appreciation of the danger…

closer, “gimmiedatbag”

louder, “gimmiedatbag”

Thugs, psyching themselves up to taking action… “GIMMIEDATBAG!”

The car pulls up. We pile in, and drive off.

The thugs, if still alive, would be in their early 70’s now. I wonder what mischief they caused since then. Who did they terrorize? Who did they kill?

The menacing voice is etched in my mind. I still hear every nuance of it.   “gimmiedatbag”

They are so fortunate they lacked another 5 seconds to take action.

If they had, my Dad would have seen to it that only dental records would identify them.


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