The Fallen Ones

Recently, I’ve been reading, for the second time, “Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.  A very interesting book, it covers the familiar story of Genesis 6, and relates how that is really a concise summary of the much earlier Book of Enoch.  The theme of the fallen ones also appears in several other places in the Bible.

Interestingly, the author invokes the possibility that they are still here.  She contends that they have set up networks over millennia, placing themselves into the seats of power in states, religions, educational institutions, and over all the affairs of man.

They are the mass murderers, who have a complete lack of empathy.  They are the leaders who strive for constant war and the endless pursuit of poverty and misery for the people. They are the members of the secret societies, with their secret rites, rituals, and mutual execrations.  I recommend the book.

By the way, consider the two following pictures.  One is a mass murderer.  One is a mass leader of a western nation.  I don’t see how anyone can gaze upon these twisted countenances and fail to discern the demonic entities that drive both.